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Amazing job dude!

Amazing job man! The graphics were superb and there was plenty of action to enjoy. Thanks for using my song in your flash. :)

RickMarin responds:

no , Thank you for your (cool) music

That was fucking Awesome man!

Wow that was amazing man! The graphics + the violence makes this one of my favs man! I'm glad to see that my song was put into such a great flash.

FleckoGold responds:

Heh heh, I should really thank you. Without your song (which is prolly the most kickass things I've ever heard in my life) this flashes coolness woulda been severed dramatically. Your one person I'm REALLY GLAD to see like this. Keep making kickass songs. Thanks and thanks again.


Great job man! I couldn't stop laughing. Pretty much all of your flashes are very good. Keep it up.

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Very Nice!

Loved that melodic intro...so calm and peaceful! And then when cut into the heavy part I was fucking blown away. Your sound has definitly improved since I last checked in on your page. And your using a POD x3 now? well I can tell its definitely improved your overall production.
Anyways great song man! 5/5


Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Glad you like it, bro. Yeah PodX3...thats the shit, dude. For s3rious! Thanks again, motherfucker!\m/

Hey :)

Hey man, pretty decent first submission.
Its a shame its been blown to oblivion...Well I gave it a 5 for ya ;)
Not to bad for a first submission...my only advice would to not to make it to repetitive, lol hey I made the same mistake when i first started submitting to this site...see the problem is there are some kids on here with the attention span of a goldfish and will only listen to the first 10 seconds, and if they don't like those first few seconds they'll blam it. But anyways your overall song clarity is very good, especially for a first submission....so keep it up man!


Rottenbeard responds:

Thanks for the kind words rocker206.

It's definitely a bit repetitive so point taken, but I come from a doom-metal background which tends to be both very slow and often repetitive, so it only comes naturally! Haha. ;)

I plan to do some more trad metal stuff too in the future I think, but I do so love the slow, plodding, heavy melodic stuff!


\m/Fucking A!!!!\m/

Wow..man I'm very impressed! Great song, great clarity...I'm not sure if i really have anything to criticize. Awesome Job! I'll definitely be checking more of your stuff in the future.


DarKsidE555 responds:

Haha, thanks bro, glad you liked it! Just take your time with checking out my shit! I still be around for a good time! Hope you too pump out some new shit soon!

Metal! \m/>_<m/

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